Heritage and Historic Buildings

Read about our policies on protecting historic buildings and sites of historic or cultural significance in Tottenham from demolition or alteration.

You can also read about our plans to preserve information about Tottenham's rich local heritage, safeguarding it for future generations.

Special Educational Needs

Read about our campaign to protect Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCPs) for vulnerable students from damaging Haringey Council plans.

Regeneration, Not Gentrification

Our position on local regeneration plans, and how to relieve the housing situation in Tottenham. Here you can also find information about our response to the proposed Haringey Development Vehicle and our 'Halt The HDV' campaign.

The Haringey Development Vehicle

Read about our campaign to pause the Haringey Development Vehicle, a £2 billion project launched by Haringey Labour, and to encourage public consultation.

Background to this issue