Protect Our Parks and Open Spaces

Our policies on protecting local parks and ensuring that they are always open and for the benefit of the public, and on open spaces (like the Paddock Community Nature Park, which has recently been tended to by a re-founded Friends of the Paddock group).

Cleaning Up Our Rotten Borough

Our policies on street cleaning, waste collection and recycling services, and the endemic issue of illegal fly-tipping in Tottenham.



We will fight to improve Haringey Labour's rubbish response to fly-tipping.

Holding Haringey Labour to Account

Our policies on tackling corruption and exposing financial mismanagement in our failing Labour-ran local authority, and calling out the Lib Dems for failing to do this. Only a strong team of Conservative councillors will hold Haringey Council to account.

Save Our SEN Services

Our policies on schools and colleges in Tottenham, and also on support for pupils with special educational needs, which Haringey Council has an appalling record on.

Regeneration, Not Gentrification

Our position on local regeneration plans, and how to relieve the housing situation in Tottenham. Here you can also find information about our response to the proposed Haringey Development Vehicle and our 'Halt The HDV' campaign.

Halt The Haringey Development Vehicle #HaltTheHDV

Our campaign to Halt The HDV - we think Haringey Labour needs to pause it's £2bn redevelopment project and conduct proper public consultation with local residents. There has been a serious lack of transparency in the process so far.