The Haringey Development Vehicle

Read about our campaign to pause the Haringey Development Vehicle, a £2 billion project launched by Haringey Labour, and to encourage public consultation.

Background to this issue

Haringey Council have announced plans to engage in a risky partnership with corporate firm Lendlease, which will see £2 billon worth of public assets transferred into a 'Haringey Development Vehicle' (or 'HDV'). The HDV will include state schools (such as Northumberland Park Community School), community centres, NHS health centres (such as The Laurels NHS Healthy Living Centre), public libraries, and civic buildings, as well as thousands of Council homes currently offered at affordable rent to social housing tenants.

Senior Councillors have been heavily promoting this project, including Cllr Claire Kober (Labour, Leader of Haringey Council), Cllr Alan Strickland (Labour, Cabinet Member for Housing and Regeneration), and Cllr Joe Goldberg (Labour, Cabinet Member for Economic Development).

The Council, and its Labour Group, have attracted significant opposition to their plans from sections of politics, the media, and the local community. A particular criticism has been the total lack of transparency or public consultation. When Tottenham Conservatives visited residents on the Northumberland Park Estate, they had no idea that their homes were about to be transferred into the HDV. Similarly, when we spoke to staff and students at Northumberland Park Community School, they had never heard of the HDV.

The HDV will be a huge gamble of public money, totalling some £2 billion, and will place key community assets at considerable risk.

Our policy

Any elected Conservative Councillors would:

  1. Ensure that all aspects of the HDV are discussed openly in Council, and that all votes are held publicly at Haringey Civic Centre;

  2. Ensure that all affected stakeholders, such as residents in HDV estates, pupils and parents in HDV schools, and patients at HDV health centres, are properly consulted about how the HDV will affect them;

  3. Ask serious questions about Haringey Council and Haringey Labour's ability to manage such a large and costly project worth £2 billion, given past financial mismanagement;

  4. Demand answers on links and personal relationships between Labour Councillors and private providers involved in the HDV;

  5. If necessary, demand a free and fair referendum for local residents on the HDV, with a 'Yes/No' choice presented to voters on the ballot paper.


Tottenham Conservatives launched a 'Halt the HDV' campaign, asking Haringey Labour to pause its plans whilst extensive public consultation is carried out with local residents. To date, Haringey Labour have ignored our requests and refused to further engage with the local community. You can get involved with our campaign on social media using the hashtag #HaltTheHDV.


Conservatives call on council to Halt The HDV

Tottenham Conservatives have serious concerns about Haringey Labour's proposed partnership with a major corporate firm which will see £2 billion worth of public assets placed at risk, including social housing, state schools, public libraries, community centres, NHS health centres, and shops and c