Heritage and Historic Buildings

Read about our policies on protecting historic buildings and sites of historic or cultural significance in Tottenham from demolition or alteration.

You can also read about our plans to preserve information about Tottenham's rich local heritage, safeguarding it for future generations.

Background to this issue

Tottenham is an area with an incredible history which is well-document but often not well-publicised. We are committed to preserving our history for future generations to come.

Our policy

Any elected Conservative Councillors would:

  1. Ensure that historic buildings or any other sites of historic or cultural interest in Tottenham are not subject to demolition;

  2. Ensure that these sites are not altered in any way which would damage their historic value;

  3. Work with local community groups such as the Tottenham Civic Society on these aims;

  4. Support applications to Historic England for local historic buildings to receive listed status where they do not have such status already;

  5. Where it is needed, support restoration work on sites which are deemed to be in need of restoration, but only if the agreed contractors are professional bodies with experience of historic building restoration.

  6. Support an educational programme, to be delivered in all primary and secondary schools in Tottenham, which teaches our local children and young people about our history and heritage.

Sites we have been involved in campaigning to protect or restore

This list is not exhaustive, but these are some of the historic sites which we have been involved in campaigning to protect. You can view the tagged news items to find out more about our campaigns.

  • The Red House and other historic buildings around the Spurs stadium.
  • Wards Corner in Seven Sisters.
  • Tottenham War Memorial and the surrounding site at Tottenham Green.
  • Marsh Lane Pump House in Northumberland Park.
  • 5 Bruce Grove, one of a row of historic houses on Bruce Grove.



Calls to fly national flag at Tottenham War Memorial

"Fly the flag with pride, and salute Tottenham's fallen heroes"

Tottenham Conservative Association are calling on Haringey Council to fly our Nation's flag with pride at the site of Tottenham War Memorial.