Calls to fly national flag at Tottenham War Memorial

"Fly the flag with pride, and salute Tottenham's fallen heroes"

Tottenham Conservative Association are calling on Haringey Council to fly our Nation's flag with pride at the site of Tottenham War Memorial.

We, along with many other members of the community, were in favour of Tottenham's magnificent War Memorial (located at Tottenham Green West, on the corner where Town Hall Approach Road meets Tottenham High Road) to undergo professional restoration work to return it to its former glory. We were delighted when the Council commissioned a full restoration, resulting in the completion of the work last year.

Tottenham War Memorial is a moving tribute to Tottenham's young men who made the ultimate sacrifice for the country in the First World War of 1916 - 1918, and the Second World War of 1939 - 1945. The main inscription of the front of the Memorial reads:


We are now calling on Haringey Council to fly the Union Flag all year round at the War Memorial site. In our view, this would be a fitting tribute to all those who died fighting under the flag, defending freedom from tyranny and oppression.

At present, there is a flag mast situated next to the Memorial. However, the Union Flag is only flown on 1 out of 365 possible days per year, on Remembrance Sunday. On the remaining 364 days, the Council flies a 'Green Flag Award' flag on this mast, which we feel is inappropriately positioned given the nature of the site.

We propose erecting a new flag pole on the North side of Tottenham Green (near to The Old Well and Holy Trinity Church), where the Green Flag Award can be flown. It is right that this Award should be celebrated, but the current position is not ideally located. We further propose that the existing flag mast at the War Memorial site be used to fly the Union Flag on a more permanent basis. This is not uncommon, and the national flag is often flown at commemorative sites.

This proposal would allow the residents of Tottenham, and Haringey Council, to both pay tribute to the fallen heroes of the past, and celebrated the beautiful award-winning space that is Tottenham Green.

It is time to fly the flag with pride, and salute Tottenham's fallen heroes.

An image of Tottenham War Memorial on Remembrance Sunday, with poppy wreaths laid before it.A photograph of Tottenham War Memorial on Remembrance Sunday, with poppy wreaths laid before it and the Union Flag hoisted.

Image taken on Sunday 13th November 2016. Image credit: Brian McAuslan.