£44k holiday for Haringey Labour councillors

Image: Story in local newspaper Ham&High. Credit: Hampstead & Highgate Express / Archant Community Media Ltd.

This week saw yet another shocking story about Labour-ran Haringey Council in the Ham&High local newspaper. The Council chose to send senior Labour councillors Alan Strickland and Joe Goldberg on a £44,000 taxpayer-funded trip to Cannes.

Speaking of the latest revelation about Council spending, Deputy Chairman of Tottenham Conservatives, Brian McAuslan said: "I'm horrified that once again local people are picking up the tab for Haringey Labour's wasteful spending, though I'm not surprised as this is sadly a regular occurrence in our borough. This time it hits even harder as we see senior Labour councillors enjoying what was effectively a free holiday at the expense of people in Tottenham. Do they understand how local people work so hard and live with so little, all whilst Haringey Labour jet off on holidays to splash our cash?".

When Haringey Labour try to tell you that they can't protect local services or public assets, think of all their vanity projects, the £106,000 Council rebrand, and this £44,000 holiday for senior Labour councillors. All this waste comes as Labour-ran Haringey Council slashes support for vulnerable pupils with special educational needs, continues to have the worst record of all 32 London Boroughs on waste and fly-tipping, downgrades and desecrates public assets such as the Marcus Garvey Library, and engages in the controversial Haringey Development Vehicle (HDV).

The hardworking people of Tottenham, and the wider London Borough of Haringey, now deserve answers on this extravagant trip and why it was allowed to happen on Labour's watch. Realistically, we don't believe that these answers will ever come. Haringey Labour councillors immerse themselves into controversy after controversy, but fail to ever provide answers for their actions to the public.

Myles Stacey, who is standing for the Conservatives to be Tottenham's next Member of Parliament, said: "I'm shocked by Haringey Labour's continued abuse of public money. If elected Tottenham's MP, I'll fight to stop this. David Lammy has neglected to stand up to his friends on Haringey Council, owing to his own Labour loyalties. Only a Conservative will break this cycle and stand up for Tottenham's local residents."

Only hardworking councillors from Tottenham Conservatives, and our colleagues in Hornsey & Wood Green Conservatives, would stand up to this failing Labour administration which takes local taxpayers' for a ride at huge expense. Labour have ran Haringey Council for decades, and the Lib Dems have failed utterly to call the Council to account. It's time for real representation for local people from the Conservatives.

Vote for Myles Stacey to be Tottenham's MP on 8th June, and back your local Conservative team in next year's local elections.

You can read the article from the Ham&High by clicking here. (This will redirect you to the Ham&High website).