Statement on Paramedic attack in Tottenham Hale

Statement from Tottenham Conservatives on the attack on a London Ambulance Service Paramedic in Tottenham Hale at 1.30am on Tuesday 18th July 2017:

"We are deeply concerned about this incident, which happened in our community (in Tottenham Hale ward) this morning. This is part of a worrying recent trend in London. We are just thankful that the noxious substance sprayed in the Paramedic's face was not acid as seen in recent attacks.

"Our thoughts and our thanks are with the Paramedic who did her duty by stopping to assist what looked like distressed members of the public. This was a commendable move on her part - she did the London Ambulance Service and our Capital city proud.

"If any Tottenham residents saw anything on Ferry Lane N17 (or in the wider Tottenham Hale area) at around 1.30am today, please call the Police on 101 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111."