Stunning result for Tottenham Conservatives

As the General Election results for Tottenham trickled through at Alexandra Palace last night, it quickly became evident that it was shaping up to be a great night for Myles Stacey and the local Conservative team. We protected our second place position from 2015 with 5,665 votes.

Chairman of Tottenham Conservatives, Chris Joannides, remarked that this was an "incredible achievement for Conservative activists in Tottenham. As well as defending our own position here in Tottenham, we provided an effective fighting force in some of London's most marginal constituencies, assisting our Conservative colleagues in those seats. Tottenham Conservatives are very clearly back in action".

Deputy Chairman, Brian McAuslan, added that "we beat the Liberal Democrats, Greens, and UKIP for a second time running. We know that UKIP are a non-existent political force in Tottenham, but whatever happened to the much-talked of 'Lib Dem fightback'? It seems their activists in Tottenham did little to persuade local voters, and little can be said for the Greens who talked the talk, but simply failed to walk the walk. These results show clearly, once again, that the Conservatives are the real opposition in Tottenham".

The Conservatives achieved a total of 5,665 votes, securing a strong second place position significantly ahead of the Liberal Democrats, Greens, and UKIP. Our Party also had the lowest vote share reduction of all four opposition parties in Tottenham, of just 0.5%, which was largely due to changes in voter registration patterns.

Tottenham election results

Speaking of his impressive result, local Conservative candidate, Myles Stacey, expressed his gratitude to our voters, saying "a huge thank you to everyone who voted and and supported me in Tottenham." He also added that we "increased the number of Conservative votes!", a reflection of the successful night enjoyed by Tottenham Conservatives.

Myles Stacey says thank you to Conservative supporters

The next electoral challenge will come with the 2018 Local Elections to Haringey Council. The strong Conservative result at this General Election has shown, once again, that the Conservatives are the only effective opposition to Haringey Labour - the Lib Dems, Greens, and UKIP simply cannot win in Tottenham. We urge any voter who recognises the need for change in a borough that has been led by the Labour Party for decades, to back your local Conservative team at the ballot box in May 2018!